Synchronize your TBK Tracker content to Tracker.Net

Tracker Sync allows you synchronize your off-line training using the Platte Canyon® TBK Tracker™ Learning Management System (LMS) with an online instance of the Platte Canyon® Tracker.Net™ LMS. The user runs their ToolBook or Flash content (optimized for Training Studio but can use other Flash content) within TBK Tracker. When they (or an Administrator) are ready to synchronize, they launch the Tracker Sync Editor. They navigate to the TBK Tracker configuration file, select the database, enter the URL to the Tracker Sync Web Service, and enter an access key. All of this data may be preloaded before deployment and is saved for future sessions in either case. The user then goes to the Synchronization screen, selects the desired user, enters the password, selects the course(s) to synchronize, enters the Tracker.Net login information, and clicks the Synchronize button. Tracker Sync takes care of the rest.

Tracker Sync

We are happy to show Tracker Sync to you any time via a GoTo Meeting demonstration. Use the links to the left to join a scheduled demonstration or to request a personal one. Or send us an email at info@plattecanyon.com. You might also look at the Tracker Sync Web Service documentation and the Tracker Sync Editor help.

Tracker Sync

Tracker Sync Prices

Description Price
Development License

Includes the Tracker Sync web service (with its Visual Studio source files), the ability to synchronize up to two instances of Tracker.Net on a single web site, and unlimited distribution of the Tracker Sync Editor.
1 Year Tracker Sync Support (email only) $395

Educational and multiple-copy discounts are available.

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